Защитные меры: другие произведения.


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  • Автор текста: Осипов Антон
  • Автор музыки: Осипов Антон
  • Исполняет: Защитные меры
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  • Rider Submitted Description #1

    VARIATIONS: No handers, nothings, no footers, barspins, x-up, basically any thing. I have even seen a backflip to fakie.

    DESCRIPTION: This trick can be done on anything from a quarter pipe to a wall.  We'll start on a mini-ramp.

    A 4 foot ramp is good enough to start on.  Approach the ramp at a normal speed.  Maybe a little slower, depending on how much air you want.

    Then, just shoot straight up into the air.  You don't have to go too high to make this trick look good.  DON'T lean backwards or forward.

    Just come back down the ramp backwards.  When coming down the ramp, lean towards your front tire so you don't fall back.  

    Then from there on, just roll back by peddling backwards.  Depending on how good you can roll back depends on how quick you can do this trick.

    Submitted By:  Curtis Long

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    Rider Submitted Description #2

    VARIATIONS: 360 in, barspins in/half-out,no handed in, backflips, etc.

    DESCRIPTION: Going into this trick can be done dozens of ways. To actually do the fakie, you need momentum to start rolling back.

    To practice this trick, go at a medium speed up a hill or ramp and bunnyhop. After you land the bunnyhop, do not use your brakes. 

    Center your weight around the seat and back pedal, but not too fast.

    If you do it too fast you may loop out and totally kill your shins or knees.  Don't shift your weight one way or the other, it's just like riding forwards, only backwards.

    To land the trick, get comfortable with the roll-back, turn the bars 45 degrees, apply the back brake and turn yourself around 180 degrees.

    It's a little tricky, and hard to describe, but it takes practice and shin guards to get good at it. Some people do 180 bunnyhops out of the roll-back or don't use their brakes, whatever you like is up to you.

    Submitted By:  Jameson Aitken

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    Rider Submitted Description #3

    PREREQUISITES: 180s and bunnyhop control.

    VARIATIONS: Basically any trick can be put into a fakie air i.e. no-handed, no-footed, busdriver, 360, 720. This trick is essential to know if you want to pull a backflip on a half-pipe.

    DESCRIPTION:  The basis of this trick is riding up a chosen ramp and landing in the same direction as you took off and rolling backwards afterwards.

    This trick has to be done on a ramp of some description such as a quarter pipe, half pipe or flat bank.

    When you first start to learn this trick, get used to the pedals spinning back on you when you start moving backwards by starting off rolling up the ramp sitting down and rolling back down in reverse, pedaling backwards so that you can move backwards (otherwise the wheel locks and you fall off). It feels at bit strange first of all but you soon get used to it. At this stage, you can probably just stop by putting on the brakes and stopping and pedaling off as usual, but this doesn't look very cool so the next thing you should attempt to dial is the exiting of the trick.

    To leave the trick you need to reach a point when your normal leading foot reaches its forward position. As your foot moves round to its normal position you need to either slam on your rear brake or hit the pedals hard and spin the bike 180 degrees by sharply turning your bars in one direction and spinning your head in the other. This causes the front end of the bike to whip around and point you facing forwards. You may not be able to do this first time but after a bit of practice it becomes easier.

    Finally to make it look really cool you want to be doing this trick at full speed at your quarter pipe and pumping the ramp loads and doing a large bunnyhop as you reach the coping. When you do this it is advisable to bring the rear end of the bike right up so when you land you land on both wheels at the same time or front wheel first slightly because if you land on the rear wheel you will probably get thrown off the back of the bike. If the trick is pulled at this sort of speed, when you land the pedals will turn backwards incredibly hard so you need to be loose on your legs and ready to pedal backwards as soon as you land.

    Try not to pedal to quick and just turn them backwards at a speed slightly faster than they do naturally. When you are moving faster it actually becomes easier to get out of by spinning round. Also, you don't want to be rolling backwards for more than two full reverse pedal strokes as it becomes harder to get out of although it does look quite good continually rolling out until you reverse up another ramp and the just pedal off forwards.

    Once the basic trick has been learned it's time to put in a bit of style. Start with easy tricks like one-hand and one-footers and progress on to more complicated ones like 360 to fakie or busdriver fakies but most of all, enjoy it!

    Submitted By:  Chris

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    Rider Submitted Description #4

    PREREQUISITES: Bunnyhops, airs, going in reverse direction.

    VARIATIONS: Millions


    A. Find a ramp, bank, etc.

    B. Head directly at it, the speed is determined by steepness, the steeper the faster you can go w/o going over the tranny like a launch. Note: Knowing speeds takes a little trial and error.

    C. At either your highest point (bank) or the coping (ramp) pull up.

    D. Let your back end float up and get your tuck on.

    E. Gravity pushes you back down

    F. Land softly like a cat with your wheels touching at the same time

    G. Roll back, you can sit which is supposed to be easier or stand up which is "harder."

    H. Cut out, there are three ways-learn all three... easiest a. hit your rear brake, pop a wheelie, and spin around hard b. no brakes - pull a reverse manual, spin, and crank out hard harder c. half-cab--the best option, it looks good, way more tech and it's smoother than above options simply put roll backwards and do a bunnyhop 180, if you can do 'em forwards it's just a feel thing to go in fakie.

    Notes. Dave Parrick and the Gonz are excellent at the fakie. check out Nowhere Fast or On The Down Low for visual input. Fakies are lowish risk on small items. To bail, put your feet down. Don't land too much front or rear wheel first you will loop out either way These require good bike control and not much else. I guarantee if you can wire fakies, your bike control will improve like crazy.

    Submitted By:  Frank

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    Rider Submitted Description #5

    PREREQUISITES: Bunnyhops, being able to ride backwards and 180 out of it. Dropping in from a transition and able to get to the deck of the ramp.

    VARIATIONS: X-ups, one handers, no handers, tabletops.

    DESCRIPTION: When attempting this trick, its a good idea to wear Shin Guards and maybe knee pads if it is your first time. Its a real good idea to have back brakes to at least slow you down. They don't have to work perfect.

    When approaching the ramp (quarter-pipe/half-pipe) make sure you are completely on the bike.

    Keep your speed slow during your first attempts.

    Ride directly STRAIGHT into the ramp. With your speed there to push you up the ramp, roll up the ramp DO NOT JUMP. Keep your feet on the pedals as well as your hands on the bars.

    When your FRONT TIRE hits the COPING that means its time to jump with your bike. DO NOT lean forward. Try to lift the bike up into your body with your feet and legs.

    After jumping, PULL slightly back on your bars but do not pull back too hard. Pulling back to hard on your bars will make you fall back and the bike will most likely land on you. You want to pull back just enough to be sure that your FRONT TIRE doesn't hit the coping. Don't JUST pull back on your bars, you need to tuck your bike into your body with your legs too.

    Try to lift the whole bike at once instead of front then back. Lifting the front then back will cause your front tire to land first and make you fall over your bars into the ramp. Remember DO NOT lean forward.

    When your bike lands you will start to roll backwards fast. That's when you tap your back brakes. Using your back brakes is something you should practice during your first attempts until you get this trick down.

    When your start to roll backwards you can either 180 roll out of it or keep rolling backwards. When doing this trick, it is real difficult to take your feet off while in the air. I recommend that you wait for the foot tricks until you got the hang of it.

    After doing this for a while you will begin to go higher above the coping with your bike. When you are high enough to where your whole bike is clearing the coping make sure to watch the back tire so it doesn't hit the coping as well as the front tire. That's why it is best to lift the WHOLE BIKE up at the same time instead of the front then back. If you are looking to be a good street/ramp rider, then this is something that you will most likely need to learn in the future.

    Submitted By:  Brent


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  • Автор музыки: Осипов Антон
  • Исполняет: Защитные меры
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  • трусы все перемыты
    темы все изжиты
    скинявые побриты
    рифмую под биты
    в голове сюжеты
    во рту конфеты...

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  • Автор текста: Осипов Антон
  • Автор музыки: Осипов Антон
  • Исполняет: Защитные меры
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  • Жанр: Хип-хоп
  • закрыл глаза тянет в сон
    тишина и стук сердца звучат в унисон
    только чей-то голос за окном
    говорит отстаньте денег нет будут потом
    через минуту утихли голова
    в моей голове началися чудеса
    всё поплыло так мне казалось
    и ничего делать не оставалось
    сёдня как заного родился
    ...опять влюбился
    росой умылся
    мир передо мной открылся
    также как Москва и провинция
    давно уж пересёк сна границу я
    и не замечая что всё не наяву
    где я понять немогу
    вдруг открывается дверь, вижу любимую
    молчу и просто любуюсь картиною
    почемуто познакомились, начали всё сначала
    а в далеке детская мелодия играла
    о том что дружба начинается с улюбки
    танцевали под дождём, промокли до нитки
    как в дымке помню что мы целовались
    судьбой что встретила нас восхищались
    но что-то не так всё уж сладко-хорошо
    и вдруг чтото ещё
    лучший друг сказал что она совсем не любит
    а лишь играет, меня закопает-погубит
    я конечно не поверил но меня насторожило
    встал с кресла и побежал к ней живо
    каждый прохожий останавливал меня по дороге
    просили разобраться с проблемой ради бога
    но вдруг я замер у её порога
    чужие голоса дома у подъезда волга
    дрожащей рукой нажал кнопку звонка
    вышла, сказала ПРОСТИ, бросила как щенка
    и только злой я понял её натуру
    минуту назад строила из себя дуру
    думала что я такой простой-наивный
    связи порвав... буду необидный........   щас
    спустя два дня нашёл его в квартире богом забытой
    и слегка припугнул конкурента битой
    возвращаясь домой солнце везде
    ещё не знал что произойдёт в подъезде
    поднимаюсь на этаж и вдруг по голове БАХХХХХХХ
    а сзади подруга с лопатой в руках..... =(

    * * *

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  • Жанр: Рэп
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