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    Flow of cashndough

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  • Автор текста: C.R.Y.P.P.T
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  • Knowledge
    Flow of cash'n'dough we all know the path it go
    The smoke that grow from barells o, 
    and blood that glow in puddle that fall fels hoverable
    Anatomicaly improbable, honorable death is better than overall
    Shots that amoral, simintanseously strike life forces the mic
    To ignite the blood in veins of the righ cheos, 
    no lightning he smites shells
    God none else life helps death sell, sex wealth, drugs lifless
    Brough into the game, and played
    Slain bodies drained soul stained and placed in a lineup to be raped
    Hate is formed in an enormous mold that breaks the shape and builts this world
    Into the burned satans playground that lays waste is sound waves people in craze
    Endless maze, continues to amaze with the strays the probablities generate
    I belive god fucked an ape before acepting your ways and denying my fate
    In missing enlisting street thats busting like 'capitalstic' missels that go ballistic
    Missed and riped wrist band wraped around that kids hand, with clip in him that came to an end
    Can't stand idiots that can't understand the words that are verbally spet, whrilled and capped
    Chipped and came to an end, no one is innocent if they send here by god, even the lord
    Had to repay his sins before he was brough to the capital ranking, in books stating
    That he was making the significant prgrees we too busy watching faggets possers retellandposes
    Tales of mozes coverting it into wrong sense and teaching kids the cans and can'ts
    Time bends itself to fit the curve that god create and we just burn through, 
    Your sins hurts you, in the worst way, the more you commit the worse is the pay, in steps
    We can't see the life in its depth 
    Cause we stray straight cats still dream of macs and teks and while living of welfare checks
    It seems that life begins in the essence of womens innings, leaving us with reason
    To impragante, leave and break hearts with a stake made of iron, rip to try them
    Then dump like be wise man, silent when we hear a siren, but loud when screaming or lying
    In curses every wordsmith that presents his learning to the crowd for earnings, in respect
    Or gold rings, mourings or just soring, soars among the central source and tries to mantain
    All that energy that was spent to gain the desired, lyrics or prose required stole and ironed
    From past that hurried and finnayl caught up, realising where you were broung up,
    Chocked than smacked up, left in blood, rolled a blunt, got drunk, fuck a slut,
    than siloed her up, repescpected the crowd, and is remebered as the most loud or big
    Or whaever fucking thing there was, remeber your home don't pose or try to be
    Another G, be from your block and it will stay loyal to you B... ye

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    Intro dlya al'boma 20% complete

  • Автор текста: Cryppt
  • Автор музыки: Cryppt
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  • 21!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • Автор текста: C.R.Y.P.P.T
  • Автор музыки: C.R.Y.P.P.T
  • Исполняет: C.R.Y.P.P.T/mc.Raze
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  • Jungle track

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    Napdiss shit..

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  • Автор текста: Cyrillic
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  • !!!!!!!!!!!

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    Nastoyashij Underground 2006 (Supa) rough

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  • Автор текста: Supa
  • Автор музыки: Some Nigga
  • Исполняет: Supa
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  • lllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll

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  • Автор текста: Cryppt
  • Автор музыки: Cryppt
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  • !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

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  • Автор текста: C.R.Y.P.P.T
  • Автор музыки: C.R.Y.P.P.T
  • Исполняет: C.R.Y.P.P.T
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  • Год написания: 2003
  • Жанр: Хип-хоп
  • Verse 1 [IZOLATED]
    Whatz rage, ya blazin in fear
    Blood pumping up voices ya hear
    Scared scattered but still there
    the question stayz clear
    but the answer is blured
    just another damn word
    datz unknown to the world
    hate-charged blood flow
    high temper inside glow
    Emotion you can't controll
    Ya git up don't fall
    Hold yo own outcome is unknow
    so you get up and fight
    One condition the winna is right
    Scattered figures in sight
    All exite-ted hyped psyched
    Burning yet not out
    You listen to the crowd
    Shout so loud ya drums scrach
    Inside out you iterpret it
    Differint, liek its on blue print
    Rebuilt the demons clash as you git
    More and more lit, a knife ya leaped
    Than a short skit, almost got ya slit
    Sirens in the air eyes meet
    Both run they exceed
    They maximum speed like creatures deep
    In the stories ya read as a kid
    Rage is out as it is legit an inside
    Feeling deep in a crypt 
    Verse 1 (C.R.Y.P.P.T)
    As pick myself up I see nothing but blood,
    In my hearth, and my gut all around then FUCK!
    All over again on the ground I lie I can"t take the pressure
    I just can"t deny all the hatred inside of me as I stand
    But I can"t just pretend, I can feel it reflect 
    Like a demon inside it gets out again
    As my pain go worth all the hatred began
    I jump up and I strike in his face with my claw
    His nose is now done but I feel he needs more
    All the blood as he screams and than BAM!
    His demon is out I"m on the ground again
    The kick in the face, but who gives a damn
    The sound of sirens sang WAM! WAM! WAM!
    But he didn"t stop, nor didn"t he care
    The kicks became stronger, I felt danger in here
    The trees looked at me, I could hear them "RUN"
    They whispered, the convulsions began
    But I picked up what was left of me
    A 2 straights and hook than tried to flee
    Away to escape the sirens that was
    A main directive with no sense of loss
    As ran but turned back as I saw him just lie
    He couldnt get up he was left to die
    The demon has left him, and so did his friends
    I could just leave him if not for damn regrets
    For his life as I remembered mine
    I picked him up there wasn"t much time
    As I ran giving it all I had 
    All the pressure was driving me mad
    But we made it as we saw a car pass by
    I was relived but he stuck a knife in my spine
    Demon came back, taht back stabbing shit
    He ran away, they foudn me took to the hospital fuck that
    I lied there for a week and a half
    As I got out i haven't seen taht fuck
    Verse 3 ( Crypt, Izolated  )
    Borthers stay brothers,
     and enemies are bound to be
    You'll get your balls cut
     if you are weak and can't see
    Enemies that surround you, 
    if you don't hit first
    They'll hit you, they are hounds
     obsessed with blood thirst
    Be true to your word 
    don't leave your crew out
    They will help you deal with 
    teh bich as soon as he is found
    Make him bound to the ground, 
    with the speed on teh sound
    Like a hell hound,
     rip him out, 
    teach him what bortherhood is all about
    Its like that,
     let no fag, 
    try to stab you or rag, on you
    That is aloowed to  few
    People in yuor crew
    Yet no one else so live on
    With the will to go on
    The motherfuckers will get what they deserved
    Rage came back its no absurd
    The richeous feeling insdie of an abandoned soul
    Strong enough to crush people to make them houl
    Crushing boundaries drawn by scinece
    It controls men they beocme like lionz
    And gladiators on the filed of death
    The next day they make front page of press
    Another victim of a street... worthless

    * * *

    Just Knowledge

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  • Автор текста: C.R.Y.P.P.T
  • Автор музыки: C.R.Y.P.P.T
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  • Old track, Crypt feat mc.Raze
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